Creating a Content Template

A content template is like a metadata for your content. It allows you to define the structure of your content and the various content types. A content template needs to be created first before you can start creating your content. Once a template is created, you can reuse the same template to create other contents.

Content template will contain fields. A field will mainly have a field name and the content type. We support the following content types:

Type Description
Text Single line text that can be used for contents like Names, Titles, etc.
HTML To create contents that are rich text or HTML.
Plain text Multiline text that can be used for contents like JSON, XML or any other raw text.
Date To represent dates.
Boolean To represent a true or false value, yes or no value, or on or off (1 or 0) value.
Image To add images to your content.
Document To add documents to your content.
Color Accepts a HEX color.

The template also allows you to set maximum characters allowed for text and also set your fields as mandatory. Below is a sample template.

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