Search contents

You can easily filter your content by a search keyword. For this you need to first create a payload of type SearchDialogueRequest and set all the necessary parameters as below.

var request = new SearchDialogueRequest();
request.slug = '[Your Slug]';
request.apiKey = '[Your API Key]';
request.emailHash='[The hash of your email]';
request.isPilot=true; //If you want to search the Piloted version
request.variables ={
    //Any variables that you want to pass

Then, just set the keyword property with the keyword you need to search.

request.keyword = '[Your search keyword]';

Then all you need to do is to call the searchContents method using this payload.

var dialogueWiseService = new DialogueWiseService();
var response = await dialogueWiseService.searchContents(request);

That’s it! You will now get a response of type DialogueWiseResponse which will contain all the matching content.